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Monday, September 8, 2014

In the Beginning

There was a tired mom. Whose day started by waking up to the sweet sound of cooing in the crib next to her bed. She got up, peed first, then settled into the rocker to nurse her sweet baby boy. 10 minutes later, she walked down the steps into the kitchen and heard the sweet sound of...bickering. Because the other children didn't get the memo that it is NOT necessary to wake up and immediately start fighting with their siblings over (some semblance of ) breakfast.

It's September. This is how my mornings will sound for the next 10ish months. Only add to that 3 noisy dogs and a loud-ass cat and there you have the soundtrack to my life. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Well...I could do without having to clean cat shit off the floor when the pain-in-the-ass kitty as she is so loving called (by me) decides she didn't like that someone moved her cat box 6 inches to the left and deemed the carpet the only acceptable place left to poop.

But really, what's a little cat dung when I have baby puke, sour milk, and some sort of kid goo on me at some point throughout the day? Forget Fashion Week...it doesn't get more glamorous than this!

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