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I am an insane human being. I have been a wife for 15 plus years, and a mom for almost as long. I had 3 children early on...then struggled with life and IF and loss for 8 years. Thought our family was complete, so I compensated by adopting all the shelter pets. Then we were surprised that our luck changed. Our running total is Parents: 2, Kids: 5, Pets:4. My life is far from perfect, and much of our happiness was hard fought and won, from the death of a parent, job loss and marriage troubles, miscarriage and IF, we have been through it all, and dare I say we made it, with a lot of love and laughter, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

And then there were two

My oldest (but not old) dog passed away over the weekend. It was sudden, and it happened fast. Within 2 hours of her getting sick, and in under 45 minutes of arriving at the emergency animal hospital, she died. We cried ourselves to sleep on the couch together that night. I am in shock, and beyond heartbroken, and just so, so, so sad. My big beautiful gentle giant baby is gone.

She is the second dog in my adult life I have lost. I miscarried and lost my first dog at the same time, so pet loss is especially traumatic for me, as I relive some of the worst times of my life. That is where I have been living the past couple of days.

Rest In Peace, my sweet, beautiful Karma. I love you.


  1. Oh no I'm so sorry- especially with a sudden and unexpected death. Pets are part of our family and it is always a terrible loss.

  2. Oh, Charlotte, I'm so very sorry. She looks so sweet in that picture. There really is no easy death of a pet, but a sudden unexpected goodbye like that is heartwrenchingly awful. I'm sorry I'm late to offering my condolences.