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Monday, February 29, 2016

MicroBlog Monday's-Nancy

Scrolling through my blog reader today, I came upon Nancy's blog http://thenewlifeofnancy.blogspot.com (sorry,blogger is being wonky and I can't make it clickable or link-able right now) that hadn't been updated in 4 years. 4 years. Has she really been gone almost 4 years?? That seems impossible, and yet there it is. And I began wondering how her husband Tom was doing. And how those beautiful mini-me girls Ella and Allison were, and her little boy Karl who I guess isn't so little anymore.

I miss her. I miss her blog posts, I miss her support. I just miss her. Anyone who knew her still feels the same. She was such a wonderful, amazing, honest, funny human. She had such a colorful life and personality. She truly made the world brighter just by being in it. Her death rocked this community.

Is there anyone out there who has any updates on her family? Just to know that they are all doing ok would be nice. I never did here what happened to take her vibrant soul from this earth too soon. 4 years later, and it still makes me so sad to remember she is no longer here. Not having any real closure with her loss still naggles at me. It feels so unfinished, which I guess it was and always will be, forever frozen in time.

She lived for those kids. You just never know when your last hug is going to be your last. So make every hug count.

If anyone has an update on her family or knows someone who might, please leave a comment or pass this post along. I know many of us who would love to know. Or, just leave a memory about Nancy. Let's put some love out there for her and her family today.


  1. I have no updates on her family BUT I thought of Nancy a few weeks ago when I was folding socks and saw the derby ones she sent me years ago in the drawer. She was a force to be reckoned with.

  2. I am so sorry for this loss, Charlotte. Nancy sounds like an amazing human. It must be so strange to have your blog live on but stopped like a clock at that brutal point. I loved this sentence so much: "It feels so unfinished, which I guess it was and always will be, forever frozen in time." I am so sorry for an amazing life cut short, and for the family she leaves behind. Thinking of you and all who knew her.

  3. So sorry for your loss. I hope Nancy's family is well.

  4. I remember trying to find any update a few years ago. I'm friends with her on FB but I wasn't that close to be able to figure out her family from her friends. I love going back on her blog and reading old posts and hoping a new one appears with an update on the kids. Seems like at least one of her close friends or family members would have known about her presence in the online communities. :(

  5. What happened to her? I take it she passed away. When a friend of mine was terminally ill, I realized that no one had her passwords to her email accounts and she had so many friends and contacts. I still wonder about people who no longer blog, I wonder how they are. I bet her family would like to hear how much you cared for her. Do you know where she lived? Perhaps a Facebook connection?

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