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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Randomness Galore

I have so many topical posts in my head, but I can't seem to harness any of my brainpower to type anything very meaningful out right now. So I thought maybe if I got this crazy random update-y type of post out of the way, maybe something more substantial could find it's way onto the screen. Probably not, but we'll see. Without further ado, I bring you Randomness Galore to get you over hump day.

Speaking of hump day...a few years back a friend and I were working together on a school fundraiser. We were trying to come up with a mascot and a slogan...when my friend suggested a camel and we could use the whole hump day thing...only it came out wrong and all I heard through her laughter was talking about humping...which I was taking literal and looking at her like she lost her mind, it being a conservative private school and all, and the fact that this was an elementary school. It wasn't until a few weeks later when I actually saw the commercial she was referencing for the first time and then was clued in on the joke. That pretty much sums me up...a little late to the party haha.

Things on the school-schedule front have fallen into place, and we are somewhat settled into a routine now. It is really refreshing when things just sort of fall into place if you just take a deep breath and give it a chance. I didn't really have to do a lot and instead let my kids get into their own rhythm. Even my teen who I was so worried about is doing wonderful adjusting to a new school in a new environment. She actually enjoys going to school and interacting with her peers, which is a HUGE change from pretty much all of middle school, which I feel a bit bad about. But, the only other choice of middle school would have likely been worse for her. Hopefully, her experience taught her some good life lessons she can utilize one day. It really helps that her current school, actually the county we are in, has some of the strictest dress codes and rules I have ever seen, and they enforce these rules. It is a really good environment for her, and I am no longer worried about her in that way, which is nice.

We made it through an 11 year old birthday party with a house full of giggly girls. One girl who came was new to the school this year, and even factoring that in, I didn't once have to mediate anything. This class has just good kids from top to bottom, even the boys. My oldest child's class was the opposite, and I think the big difference was in her class I was the youngest parent and she was my oldest kid, and almost all other parents were older with it being their youngest kid...where they were much less involved in the kid's life. In my 11 year old's class, you know who's parents are whose, and they are all super involved. That makes all the difference in the world in how the kids act. Truly.

My son spent the night at a friend's house while said sleepover was going on. The mom on a good day is super flighty...well she started homeschooling 2 out of 4 of her kids, her husband has been out of town for work, and she wasn't feeling well...plans changed a million times about when and how my son was getting home. Anyway, she texted to let me know final plans for retrieving my kid, and threw in a line about letting them eat "crap food" for the 27 hours she had my son, and that he was on a "sugar bender". I wasn't mad or anything, I just remarked to a co-worker that when I have someone else's kid I am on my best parenting behavior and make sure the kid eats 3 solid meals and try and limit the junk food they eat. Needless to say, we had to "detox" him the next day and all was well, but I mean really, who actually tells another parent that?!

I have a million half-finished projects floating around my house...a few separate piles of baby socks I need to match up and put away...the online-consignment bag I need to do one last spot-check and snap pictures for my a review post...a half-dozen or so titled and started blog posts...random piles of things collected from around the house that need to be put in their proper spots. All easy enough things, but I have walked by the piles countless times over the last week and just can't make myself do it.

A friend and co-worker of mine is due 3 days before me. She tried for years before finally doing IVF, then FET before she was successful. I was supposed to work with her Sunday, but when I came in and she wasn't there I knew something was wrong. She went into pre-term labor, and is thankfully home now but she had some fetal distress going on as well. I am so worried for her, and really pray things stay calm for her for the next several weeks. I had pre-term labor with my first, but without fetal distress, and they treated me more aggressively than they have her, so I am really worried for her and the baby.

On Saturday we are having some company over. I really wish we weren't. It's my husband's brother, his wife, and 2 step-kids. Well, one is older probably 20 by now? The other is maybe 8. We don't see them too often, as they live almost 2 hours away, and we all work separate schedules.(His brother works evenings, I work weekends.)His brother is cool and chill, and I actually probably have more in common with him than my own husband, but the wife...OMG is she freaking nuts. Loud, obnoxious, in-your-face...just a lot to handle. (To prove I am not just cranky and stuff...she actually picked some dry skin off of his brother's arm and ate it. And admitted that is what she does, I kid you freaking not.) They show up late and end up trying to stay forever. Every single time we have gotten together with them it's some crazy issue. The fact that we even have to ask for them to bring a dish or something bugs me. I am from a big family and get togethers are impossible unless everyone chips in. Coupled with the fact that I will be getting off work to come home to a house full of people and have to change to start cooking...just sucks. I am super dreading it, but I hate entertaining people on a normal day, so this is just a lot for me. And yes, it was my husband's idea, and no, he doesn't cook. The only saving grace is that I decided to entertain myself, and invited my old neighbor-friend to come. She is crazy in her own right, but in a way I think is funny and can tolerate. It's all about balance.

I was sorting through some papers I stashed when we moved and found a couple of insurance explanation of benefits forms I had put aside to look at and never did. I unearthed the corresponding bills for it, and found out that I was being billed for over $800 worth of stuff I shouldn't be responsible for. A few phone calls later, and I was able to get everything adjusted. One was for my kid's orthodontist which I am still paying for, and the lady was so apologetic. There were two fees depending on which plan you have, and when they did my contract they figured my payments based on the higher fee. I was like, it is definitely okay, because I owe you less money that what you told me, so it's all good. If I owed you more, then we'd have a problem!

I made a list of projects I would like to do when we get our tax money back. This year I want to do house projects with the money since I will have 2 really young kids, then the year after maybe take a fancier type of family vacation. Anyway, we don't have any issues with our house that are must-do's (knock wood), but there are a few things on my list. Tops is joining the new pool by our house. The first year is pricey because you have to purchase a bond to become a member. After that is a redone kitchen sink...my current one has the divider, which I HATE. And for some reason, the faucet is off-set so the nozzle doesn't reach both sides well. For the amount of cooking I do, I need the commercial size sinks that are deep. My husband is actually in the trade and can do it and get a good price on material, so that's a fairly inexpensive fix. The next thing is some tree trimming, possible tree removal. My husband thinks one tree is dead. I have no idea about that stuff, but I know that tree removal isn't cheap. Paying off our same as cash loan for invisible fence for my dogs is on the list, but by then I will have 3/4 of that already paid off, so that's another pretty easy one. The last thing is a sort of wish-list thing: putting wood or laminate flooring in the basement. There is currently carpet, which is in pretty good shape. But with kids and pets it won't stay that way for long. The cat spends the majority of her time down there, and the dander on the carpet causes some allergy issues for a couple of the kids if we aren't vigilant about allergen spray and vacuuming. I would like to have this done, but it's a large area plus a full set of stairs, so I think it might be a little too expensive coupled with the other stuff I want to do. I can always just wait until the carpet has to be torn up, but I would rather not have it get to that point considering all the use the basement gets.

Speaking of house things...when we moved in we didn't paint one thing. I know a lot of people like to pick their colors and paint while the house is empty, but we didn't really have the luxury of time to do that. Plus, my husband had just painted the placed we lived previously and was not really anxious to paint anything else. For the most part, the colors are very neutral and live-able. Three of the rooms on the main floor are a bit too yellow-based for my taste, and the master bedroom is too light and feminine of a color to be a master bedroom color. If it was a deeper, darker shade it would be fine. But painting is something we would be doing ourselves, so until one of us really can't stand it anymore, it will stay.

I got to go to lunch with a great friend today. I missed her a lot more than I realized. She is one of those people who can get me to talk even when I think I don't want to. But she gets me, and knew exactly why the thing I wrote about last week affected me. And she is baby boy's Godmother, and he was happy to see her, and he was the perfect little angel while we were out. It is always a crap shoot taking a toddler anywhere they are expected to sit still, but he was awesome. And it was good for my soul, that 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Bonus Baby is still without a name. I am definitely puffing up a bit more now with bloating, so last week at the doctor I didn't even look at the scale. The only thing I make sure to ask is if my blood pressure is OK, otherwise ignorance is bliss as far as I am concerned. I don't have gestational diabetes this time. I have only had it one with baby boy, but I thought for sure I would have it again. I skipped to the 3 hour test and I passed all 4 draws. I scheduled my last 3 doctors appointments, so I am really in the home stretch. I am pretty zen about everything right now. Another blogger (Burnt Toast?) said it well when she wrote about babies only needing a few things like the boobs, diapers, and warm hugs. Oh, and a name would be good, too.

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